Isadore Hoehn VFW Post 7397

Community Service is the primary justification for the VFW’s tax-exempt status.  As such, the reporting of projects under this program is critical to our organization. 

When community service programs are completed, reporting these programs to the Community Activities Chairperson (commonly the Junior Vice Chairperson) is essential for helping to maintain our tax-exempt status.  As such, the following information is needed for entering these reports:

> Details about the event- date, location, what they were doing
> Who did the event benefit
> How many members were present for the event
> How much time was spent on the event- minimum is 1 hour (nothing below 1), can use partial hours above 1, but typically just round up to the next whole hour
> How many total miles for the event- mileage is calculated from home to event and back, or from Post to event and back
> Any expenses incurred to support the event- example when the Riders go support someone else’s charity ride, the entry fee for each Rider/passenger is reported

Documentation is necessary to maintain the integrity of the program and should include copies of receipts, checks, programs, news clippings, letters or emails related to the project. Also, include photographs wherever possible.  For projects without documentation, they must be verified and signed by the Post Commander, but this should be the exception rather than the rule.  If the projects are to be considered toward 100% reporting status and All-State eligibility, ensure the project is appropriately documented.  Also keep in mind the focus should be on the quality of projects, not the number of reports.

If the person reviewing the report at the District level does not have enough facts to get a clear picture of what was done, they can only disregard or return the report for more information. If the Post does well in the community, the Post will benefit from these activities. Good community service plus publicity will attract new members. Reporting is telling the story of the good work done by the VFW and its Auxiliary. We should be proud of our good work in the community.  It also allows us to maintain our tax-exempt status.